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McCready Masonry, Inc.  & The Chimney Restoration Group have been family owned and operated since 1983.  We are a full range masonry company specializing in anything related to the beauty and function of fire. We offer everything relating to chimneys, fireplaces, hearths and accessories as well as complete outdoor kitchen construction and design, patios, pavers, grills and grilling components. We are experts in historic fireplace and chimney restoration, chimney evaluations/inspections, fire restoration, draft consulting and house depressurization for problematic fireplaces or appliances.   Our state of the art showroom is located in Cambridge with live burn displays to accommodate any décor or budget.  Consult with our experienced sales team to make your dream project a reality. 

All chimneys are exposed to the outside elements and require maintenance or repairs to prevent deterioration.  Moisture absorption, decayed mortar joints and cement crowns, flaking brick or inadequate footings are all issues that contribute to a faulty chimney.  In many cases these repairs are minimal in cost if addressed in time.  If the repairs or maintenance are postponed or delayed, structural damage to the chimney or home can easily be incurred.  Any appliance that is not properly fitted for its chimney can cause a problem, including the energy efficient gas and oil furnaces that have become so popular in recent years. Now the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) recommends that when you install a new appliance, the flue be reduced in accordance with their guidelines for that appliance. When the flue does not vent quickly and efficiently, any home becomes a danger zone.

historicMany historic homes offer multiple fireplaces.  In early days these fireplaces were originally working parts of the home.  These chimneys were constructed with no liners and in many cases promoted poor draft and fire hazards with no clearances to combustibles.  The proper means for restoration of these fireplaces is to reline with a cast-in-place cement lining system.  This process usually can be completed without removing a single brick and with minimal intrusion to the fabric of the home.  Relining, when sized and installed correctly, makes these fireplaces usable again.  This system suits any fuel type or appliance.  Our cast-in-place lining system meets all current building codes and historic guidelines or recommendations.  This type of system adds stability to the structure and prevents any heat radiation in to the combustible walls of the home.  The exterior can be addressed by tuck pointing the mortar joints and adding sealants to protect the soft historic brick.

The Chimney Restoration Group uses state of the art technology to inspect and diagnose your chimney. This system allows you to see exactly what your flue is hiding. As mother always said “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” – so don’t assume your chimney is fine based on outward appearance, keep your family safe and have your chimney inspected.

The benefit of poured chimney liners is recognized by every insurance company around the country. Having originated in England, the poured chimney lining process was first introduced in the United States in 1979.  Since it’s introduction, many chimney professionals have worked hard to educate the public as well as fire officials to the safety benefits of the poured chimney liner. Many have responded very positively, from our neighborhood firemen who recommend it to homeowners following a fire, to national insurance companies, which are recommending the process to their insurance adjustors.

In addition to our many payment options, we also offer the convenience of financing your stove or grill purchase.