About Us

McCready Masonry & Chimney Restoration, family owned and operated since 1983, is a full range masonry and fireplace company. We offer everything and anything relating to chimneys, fireplaces, hearths and accessories. We specialize in historic fireplace and chimney restoration, chimney evaluations/inspections, fire restoration, draft consulting and house depressurization for problematic fireplaces or appliances. We expanded our business in 2007 with the addition of McCready’s Hearth & Home Showroom. It has been a great fit with our already successful chimney business.



We take great pride in offering cutting edge design consulting to incorporate a fireplace or stove unit into the home with seamless measure. With oil on the rise, solid fuel and zone heating with stoves or inserts is a smart solution. We believe the installation and aesthetics of a unit blending harmoniously into the home is extremely important. Each job is approached with the client’s individual style and decor in mind. We do more than just install stoves; we infuse comfort in a manner you will enjoy for many years.