Insurance Coverage / Fire Restoration

The benefit of poured chimney liners is recognized by many insurance companies around the country. Having originated in England, the poured chimney lining process was first introduced in the United States in 1979.

Since it’s introduction, many chimney professionals have worked hard to educate the public as well as fire officials to the safety benefits of the poured chimney liner. Many have responded very positively, from our neighborhood firemen who recommend it to homeowners following a fire, to national insurance companies which are recommending the process to their insurance adjustors.

Your local Chimney Restoration System specialist, who operates under our professional network of The Chimney Restoration Group, has experience working with insurance company officials.

Generally a policy will state that the chimney damage must be due to a “sudden occurrence,” which usually is the result of a chimney fire or of lightning. Most policies also state replacements be completed with “like kind” materials.  Masonry chimneys should be relined with masonry liners when possible.  Only a certified professional can accurately determine the extent and origin of the damage to your chimney, and discuss with you the alternatives that are available to you.  This is determined by the use of a Chim-Scan digital imaging device.  This device is placed inside the chimney and allows us to document any deficiencies in the venting system.   We encourage homeowners and insurance adjusters to be present during the inspection to understand the documentation and photographs taken from the chimney structure.